Our success

Mr. Azzi provided us with excellent legal services. Asking for refugee protection, my husband and I didn’t know what to expect. Mr. Azzi always kept us well-informed and answered all our questions and frequent inquiries whether on the phone or by e-mail. He gave us practical advice and guided us throughout the whole process. Words cannot express my gratitude to Mr. Azzi for his true commitment and his concern for our best interest.

I don’t hesitate to recommend Mr. Azzi’s legal services to others. Thank you Mr. Azzi!


I sought Mr. Azzi’s assistance when I was asked to withdraw from my university program. I was worried and did not know what to do. Mr. Azzi was available on very short notice and successfully represented me throughout the appeal process. Thanks to him, I was allowed to remain in my program and was given a second chance!


Mr. Azzi is a reliable and a dedicated lawyer. I am a Canadian Citizen who married a none-Canadian and the process of applying for my wife to become a PR of Canada appeared overwhelming. I reached out to Mr. Azzi for help. He is a competent immigration lawyer, understood the process of immigration well and was able to explain it to me and keep me informed at all stages. Mr. Azzi also helped me apply for a Temporary Residence Visa for my wife and her parents while the PR application is in process. Mr. Azzi did a phenomenal job on all applications.

The immigration process is not just an application you fill out in an afternoon, it is a lengthy and a complex process and it needs someone with experience, high organizational skills and most importantly a personal touch to guide you in the right way. Mr. Azzi fulfils all of those qualities and a notch more!

Firas A.

I highly recommend Mr. Azzi and his firm for handling your refugee claim and immigration matters. I came to see him for assistance in appealing my denied refugee claim. I was very worried but Mr. Azzi took the time to listen to my story, properly advise me throughout the entire process, and represent me before the Refugee Appeal Division. With Mr. Azzi, I felt that my case was in very good hands. He was always well prepared and I trusted him to ask the right questions; I was not disappointed. My appeal was successful. Thank you Mr. Azzi!


My sisters and I fled to Canada because we were being persecuted in our country. As we did not have family in Canada and did not know how to ask for protection, we were very confused and needed help. We were lucky to find Mr. Azzi. He worked with us from the very beginning. He reassured us and explained to us the Canadian refugee process. Mr. Azzi also took the time to explain to us the law and to prepare us very well for our hearing, as we were very nervous. He represented us competently and we were given refugee protection at the end of the hearing.

We thank Mr. Azzi very much for all his help!


I asked Mr. Azzi’s assistance in defending a potential lawsuit for professional negligence. I was worried that my company could be held liable and that my legal expenses would be extravagant. Mr. Azzi was honest with me and clearly explained to me the various scenarios and outcomes. He helped me explore different options and strategies. He negotiated very well on my behalf and was able to settle the matter in a short period of time. I was very happy with the outcome. Mr. Azzi is a strong advocate that will fight for you without losing sight of the end goal and your best interests!

Paul S.

I was an international student in Canada when civil war broke out in my country. I could not return to my country because of my fear of persecution, and applied for refugee protection with the help of Mr. Azzi. My hearing before the Refugee Protection Division went very well and I was given refugee protection. I have no doubt that my success was due to Mr. Azzi’s hard work and dedication to his clients. Mr. Azzi was always available when I had questions and even took time during his holidays to meet with me and help me prepare for the hearing (as I was busy with school exams during that time).

Mr. Azzi genuinely cares about his clients and I would recommend him to anyone looking for help with immigration and refugee matters.


Mr. Azzi is an incredible lawyer! He took his time to help me throughout the entire process, and he prepared everything very carefully. That made my refugee case very successful.

I highly recommend him, and also thank you so much Mr. Azzi!